200 g

La Dispensa di Amerigo

Ancient ragù produced according to the recipe deposited at the Bologna Chamber of Commerce, using only the highest quality beef in the ingredients. Its pleasantly soft taste transmits to those who taste it to relive the ancient peasant traditions.

The historical sauce of "La Dispensa di Amerigo" is prepared on the basis of the ancient recipe deposited at the Bologna Chamber of Commerce. It is prepared with special cuts, a little tomato and the classic mix of vegetables, celery, carrots and onion. The duration of cooking of this sauce must be long and on low heat to avoid drying the meat itself and to keep the tastes of each raw material alive. Compared to the recipe of the traditional sauce of "La Dispensa di Amerigo", more historical vegetables and less tomatoes are used in the historical sauce. The only pork that is added is bacon. The final taste is pleasantly soft, with "rustic and peasant" memories.

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Beef 36.3%, tomato puree, pork bacon, golden onion, carrot, celery, extra virgin olive oil, double tomato paste, sea salt from Cervia.