200 g

La Dispensa di Amerigo

From the traditional recipe from Campania, the Puttanesca sauce has become part of the "La Dispensa di Amerigo" line to bring Italian tradition into the world. The Mediterranean taste of this sauce will leave even the most refined palates amazed.

Using the traditional recipe of the best Neapolitan chefs, the Puttanesca sauce is a triumph of Mediterranean flavors to be used to season your dishes. Olives, capers and tomato puree combined with 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, create a product with an excellent flavor. The simplicity of this sauce makes it versatile for use in the kitchen. It is in fact suitable for seasoning a quick lunch, or it is excellent for composing a menu based on Mediterranean flavors to offer to your guests. We select the best ingredients and cook them slowly to bring taste, simplicity and tradition to your tables.

5.50 €


Tomato puree, black olives 6.8%, extra virgin olive oil, capers 2.7%, anchovies 2.0%, garlic, parsley, Cervia salt, chili pepper.