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La Dispensa di Amerigo

The typical Friggione Bolognese is a sauce based on tomato, onion and extra virgin olive oil. In the town tradition it has always been used as a side dish during meals, not surprisingly, during long cooking on wood-burning cookers, a saucepan was always dedicated to Friggione.

The Friggione Bolognese is part of the tradition of our city, and for this the main use we recommend is to accompany the boiled or white meats cooked in a saucepan with abundant friggione. It is also excellent, after having heated it in a water bath, to spread on toasted bread, to serve a fragrant and tasty appetizer. Or prepare a polenta, being careful to keep it soft enough. Chill the friggione at pleasure and accompany it with polenta (a jar is for 3/4 portions), not forgetting to sprinkle everything with Parmigiano Reggiano.

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Tomato puree 54,7g, golden onion 49g, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt from Cervia, garlic from Voghiera.